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“During the past 15 years, Ms. Pelletier has successfully led the development and deployment of many large-scale initiatives in Quebec and elsewhere. She stands out due to her unique expertise and knowledge in matters of health prevention and promotion in the general public and in the workplace. Her projects have brought her in contact with all the public, private and institutional players, and have led to an understanding of how to rally individual objectives around a shared vision for major projects. The concrete results obtained from these initiatives are a testament to her leadership capabilities and her entrepreneurial spirit.”

Réal Cassista, Director, Workplace Health and Safety Management, Mouvement Desjardins

“Through the different projects we have led together since 2011, the workplace health and wellness sector in France has benefited from her expertise and on-site know-how in regard to our internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, her professionalism has been endorsed by the Tournée française participants she educated and won over with her teaching methods and the way she has of choosing the right words to show how organizations can benefit from using the Quebec approach. Marie-Claude Pelletier’s success in Quebec and her power of persuasion, the whole presented with the use of measurable arguments, has led to an increasing number of companies, providers and stakeholders in France to draw inspiration from the concrete solutions brought upon by the “Healthy Enterprises” approach for the mutual benefit of employees and organizations.”

Laurence Breton-Kueny, DHR, AFNOR Group, France

“I have had the privilege of getting to know Ms. Pelletier over the past ten years and have been impressed by her ability to decisively carry out complex projects with a strong strategic vision. Her clarity and intelligence, coupled with her talents in communication and mobilization, make her a unique manager of great distinction. In the public health sector, as in other sectors, we have benefited from her involvement and her rich and facilitating networks. In Quebec, and elsewhere, we must rely on such entrepreneurs who innovate by bringing concrete solutions and proven results aiming to improve health through prevention.”

Dr. Luc Boileau, President and CEO, Institut national de santé publique du Québec, and Interim President and CEO, Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux

“For its position in the vast workplace health sector and the accomplishment of its mission, The Healthy Enterprises Group has greatly benefited from Marie-Claude Pelletier’s expertise, experience, leadership and strategic vision during her 5-year mandate as President and Executive Officer. Ms. Pelletier was able to pique the interest of a large number of players and stakeholders in Quebec regarding the challenges in physical and psychological health in the workplace as well as how to overcome them. Raise awareness, equip and persuade as many employers as possible to take action, are all words I feel best describe her contribution as President and Executive Officer of the Group to workplace health in Quebec. Moreover, she developed on our behalf solid partnerships both here and beyond our borders. Quebec’s leadership and the Group’s ability to mobilize stakeholders to promote health in the workplace has been strengthened.”

Roger Bertrand, President of The Healthy Enterprises Group’s Board of Directors

“In recent years, I have been impressed with the impact Ms. Pelletier has had in Quebec’s health sector and how she has influenced stakeholders with her different initiatives. Her entrepreneurial spirit is no stranger to her ability to mobilize appropriate groups to make things happen, thus to have an impact. Her strategic vision as well as her ability to deliver, her expertise in the field and her ability to mobilize are certainly unique strengths I see in her.”

Emmanuelle Gaudette, Manager, Prevention, Health and Wellness, Standard Life

“Ms. Pelletier is an entrepreneur able to execute large-scale projects within a complex ecosystem, as well as attain ambitious social and economic objectives. Now that the convergence of economic and social interests is unavoidable when looking for efficient and lasting solutions, her ability to understand the different contexts, and mobilize the different players to act, is a truly distinguishing quality. The results she has achieved in prevention and workplace health are a reflection of her unique qualities.”

Laurette Dubé, Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, Founding Chair and Scientific Directors of the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, McGill University